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We love making your pet happy! As a sophisticated, savvy pet owner, you understand that establishing a regular bathing and grooming schedule for your pet is important to their mental and physical well-being. The staff here at Lucky Dog is dedicated to providing professional grooming and washing services for your pets. We provide self service washes, full service washes and full grooming services for your pets. We have a devoted bathing staff and grooming staff that work together to provide a loving and stress -free environment for your pet.

We are proud to say that we have been a part of the Brazos Valley for over 6
years, providing world quality services with a small-town feel. We work under the standards of comfort, quality, honesty, integrity, and loyalty. With these pillars in mind, we treat all of our babies with the upmost care and all our clients with the best service available.

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Take my dog here once a month to give him a bath so much easier than bathing him at home. Friendly staff, reasonable prices and clean.
My experience here was amazing!!!!!!! You can rent clippers to clip your dog’s wash them dry them to the dogs get treats it is the very best that i have been to the staff is extra friendly and very welcoming words can’t describe how great this place is.
Darla J., New York
Great place to wash your dog yourself! Great variety of soaps/conditioners, a blow drying room, and access to any type of brush you want! Very good place for a very cheap price. i would recommend this place to any fellow dog owner!
Joshua F, New York

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